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Changes for Molly: A Winter Story
Valerie Trip
Illustrations by Nick Backes
Vignettes by Keith Skeen and Renee Graef
Fiction (Series)
Ages 7 to 12
Pleasant Company, 2000, 0-937295-49-3
  Molly, Linda, and Susan are feeling very excited and proud because they are going to be part of the grand finale act for the “Hurray USA” show. The show is going to be performed at the Veteran’s Hospital and the three girls are going to be dancing and singing a patriotic song. Molly really wants to be chosen for the part of Miss Victory, a solo dance part in the act. She worries that she won’t be chosen because she is not as pretty as her rival even though she is the best dancer in the group. Molly is sure that all she has to do is to have her hair curled and she will get the part.
  Then, to add to the excitement of the rehearsals, Molly’s family get a wonderful piece of news – Molly’s father is coming home. Instead of having to work in a hospital in England he is going to be working at the Veteran’s Hospital in Molly’s home town.
  Molly is thrilled that her beloved father is coming home and she hopes that when he sees her on stage dancing he will see that she has grown up a great deal in the two years that he has been gone. Molly very much wants her father to think that she is more mature now and not just a “plain dumb kid” anymore.
  In this sixth book in the Molly series, readers will finally get to see Molly reunited with her father. We will discover that being more grown up is not really about how you look but about how you behave and treat others. Thanks to her sister Jill and others, Molly begins to see that she has indeed changed a great deal in the last two years even if her hair is still straight and even if she doesn’t look like a young lady the way Jill does.

Changes for Molly


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