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Eyewitness: Invention
Lionel Bender
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 10 and up
DK, 2005, 0-756-1075-3
  What is an invention? In this beautifully produced book readers will discover that an invention is something that a human made, something new which did not exist before. It can be as simple as a plain glass bead, or as complicated as a computer. Often one invention builds on the work done on another, and frequently more than one person contributes to the inventing process.
  What many people do not realize is that this process can take a long time. For example it took man hundreds of years to develop an easy-to-use drilling tool. In the more recent past it took the Wright brothers seven years to build their heavier-than-air airplane.
  In this excellent title in the Eyewitness series the author comprehensively explores many of the world’s most important inventions. He discuses important inventions such as simple tools, the wheel, early writing implements, plastics, and the silicone chip. It is interesting to see the inventions presented in a simple chronological order as it gives the reader a sense of how the inventing process has changed over the centuries and how it has stayed the same.
  As with other Eyewitness titles, this book is packed with fabulous full color annotated photographs. This is therefore the perfect titles for readers who are intimidated by large amounts of text. The combination of the text, the photos, and the annotated notes will give readers of all ages an excellent overview of this interesting topic.


Eyewitness Invention


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