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It Happens in the Month of August
Ellen Jackson
Illustrated by Pat DeWitt and Robin DeWitt
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 6 to 8
Charlesbridge, 2002, 0-88106-921-3
  August is a busy time for many. It is vacation time; days are spent playing on the beach or taking walks in the mountains. Gardeners have to work hard to keep up with their gardens which are full of ripe tomatoes, corn, melons, berries, and cucumbers. With the hot days grass often turns brown and trees look tired and dusty. Many people feel that August is the last proper month of summer and they look forward to the coming fall with its cooler weather.
  Just like the month of July, August was named after a Roman Emperor. In this month Augustus Caesar, the grand-nephew of the famous Julius Caesar, had many victories on the battlefield.
  On these warm days the young animals who were born in the spring are ready to leave their parents and go out into the world on their own. Cicadas sing in the grass and sometimes massive clouds of grasshoppers descend on the land to eat every plant in site.
  This wonderful little book will give young readers an excellent overview of the month of August. Children will learn about special events that take place during the month and will read about famous things that happened in August in the past. They will come to appreciate the rhythm of the year and the unique events and gifts that Mother Nature gives to us in August.


It happens in the month of August


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