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C is for Chinook: An Alberta Alphabet
Dawn Welykochy
Illustrated by Lorna Bennet
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 5 to 10
Sleeping Bear Press, 2004, 1-58536-233-9
  At certain times of the year, in the Province of Alberta, a warm wind blows inland from the Pacific Ocean, and when it arrives in Alberta temperatures suddenly rise to “melt away the snow.” This is the Chinook wind and in this unique alphabet book readers will read that “Warm Chinook winds are for C.” They will also read about how “E is for Equality” and how “G is for the Great horned owl.” Readers will discover that this bird, one of the largest owls in North America, has such a poor sense of smell that it will even prey on skunks.
  For each letter of the alphabet the author introduces something that is special about Alberta; an animal, people, places, special events and more. A poem introduces each entry and then a sidebar of text expands on the poem giving the reader plenty of interesting information. Beautiful rich paintings present the perfect backdrop for the poems and the text and give the reader a real feeling for what Alberta must be like with its stunning scenery, its wealth of natural wonders, and its rich cultural heritage. Readers are left with a strong hope that they too will one day be able to explore this special part of the world.


C is for Chinook


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