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How will we get to the beach? / Como iremos a la playa?
Brigitte Luciani
Illustrated by Eve Tharlet
Bilingual Picture Book
Ages 5 to 7
North-South Books, 2003, 0-7358-2037-6
  It is a perfect summer’s day and Roxanne has decided that she and her baby should go to the beach. They will need to take their pet turtle, a book of stories, an umbrella, and a beach ball with them. Unfortunately Roxanne’s car is temperamental and it won’t start. They are going to have to try to find a different way to get to the beach. Roxanne’s first idea is that they should get the bus but the bus driver won’t let them take the turtle with them and they cannot go to the beach without their pet. If they take the bike they cannot take the ball and that would never do. Indeed whichever method of travel they try something vital would have to be left at home. How is Roxanne to get herself, her baby and all their things to the beach?
  This charming bilingual English and Spanish picture book perfectly captures a funny little summer dilemma. Little children will love guessing what Roxanne would have to leave behind each time. They might be encouraged to make up their own beach memory guessing game which they can play as they sit in the car on the way to the sea, sun and sands.


How will we get to the beach


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