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This Little Piggy and other rhymes to sing and play
Edited by Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand
Musical Arrangements by Adam Stemple
Poetry and Song Collection (CD included)
Ages Infant to 4
Candlewick Press, 2005, 076361348-7
  It is hard to imagine what it would be like to raise a child without the benefit of such wonderful little rhymes and games as Peek-a-boo, This Little Piggie, Patty-Cake, and The Eensy Weensy Spider. In this collection of “lap songs, finger plays, clapping games, and pantomime rhymes,” adults with children in their lives will find these firm favorites and many others to sing, clap to, and read out loud. For each little lap song the author includes a little information about where the song comes from and at the bottom of every page she offers up suggestions on how to play the rhyme with a child. Little children will love being lifted, tickled, bounced, and will clap enthusiastically as the song or rhyme is sung or said. To help learn the songs a CD has been included. Simple yet attractive little arrangements of these old songs will quickly become firm favorites with young audiences and their grown-ups.
  With this book in hand adults will be able to “Trot, Trot to Boston” and “Pease Porridge” on planes, trains, and as they wait in a doctor’s office. It is a wonderful tool and because of the cunning illustrations, it is also great fun to look through.

This Little Piggy


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