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Set in Stone
Linda Newbery
Ages 14 and up
Random House UK, 2006, 0-385-60748-2
  Samuel Goodwin cannot believe his luck when he is hired by a certain Earnest Farrow to become his two daughter’s art teacher. It is with delight that Samuel explores Fourwinds, Mr. Farrow’s beautiful country home. Samuel is also very taken with the beautiful Marianne, the younger Farrow daughter, though he also grows close to Juliana Farrow and Charlotte Agnew, the girls’ governess.
  It isn’t long however before Samuel comes to understand that all is not well at Fourwinds. Marianne frequently gets very agitated and her behavior can be erratic and even frightening. There is also the mystery about why a sculpture of the West Wind was never completed. For some reason this missing piece of stonework troubles Marianne a great deal and Samuel too cannot help feeling that if he finds the sculpture, he will also find out the mystery of Fourwinds.
  Little does he know that Fourwinds has been witness to many tragedies and that the seemingly charming Mr. Farrow is not at all what he seems.
  Told from the point of view of both Samuel Goodwin and Charlotte Agnew, this often very disturbing tale will remind readers that families of all kinds can have very dark secrets. As Samuel and Charlotte unravel the secrets of the Farrows they discover how selfish and tyrannical their employer is and together they try to find a way to correct the wrongs that were made in the past.


Set in stone


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