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The Sea Monster
Chris Wormell
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Random House UK, 2006, 0-099-45147-6
  Have you ever sat on a beach and had a funny feeling that someone or something was watching you? Well this is just how a boy feels one day when he is down on a beach with his dog. The boy is sailing his little toy boat in the tide pools when he gets this feeling that eyes are watching him. While he is investigating among the rocks the boy takes his eyes of his boat which gets carried off by strong currents. When the boy dives into the sea to retrieve his boat he too is carried away from the beach by the currents.
  Luckily an old fisherman sees what has happened and he gets into his rowboat and retrieves the boy. What neither of them knows is that someone else has also witnessed this mini drama and has played a vital part in it as well.
  This delightful story will touch the hearts of its readers in many ways. Readers will discover that even the most unlikely of characters can be lonely and even the most unlikely of characters can be a hero. Three lives are touched by the little boy’s adventure and surely for all three of them the event makes a very real impression on their lives.
 Beautiful and atmospheric artwork combined with a magical story makes this an unforgettable title.


The Sea Monster


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