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Russell the Sheep
Rob Scotton
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 7
HarperCollins, 2005, 0-06-059848-8
  Russell is a sheep who has a very big problem. Russell cannot, for the life of him, fall asleep. No matter what he does he cannot join the rest of the sheep in the land of nod. Russell tries a change of dress, a change of venue, and he even tries pulling his hat over his eyes to make it darker. Nothing works.
  Then Russell gets a brilliant idea. He should count something. The questions is, what should he count? Russell tries to count his feet – too few – and the stars – too many. Surely there must be something else he can count that will help him fall asleep.
  Readers will laugh out loud as they share the adventures of this insomniac sheep who does all kinds of delightfully silly things in an effort to fall asleep. With his frog sidekick on hand to keep him company, Russell uses his imagination and finally, to our relief, he finds the answer to his problem.
  Incredibly funny illustrations fill the pages with color, expressive faces, and delightful characters.

Russell the Sheep


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