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Creating Clever Castles and Cars from Boxes and Other Stuff
Mari Rutz Mitchell
Illustrations by Michael Kline
Ages 3 to 8
Non-Fiction, Craft
Williamson, 2006, 0-8249-6782-8
  It is a rainy day and you are hearing those familiar words: “I’m bored” from the children in your life. Instead of turning on the television or getting out a computer game start looking around the house to see what your child could use to create a wonderful play place for him or herself.
  Making little houses, forts, castles, cars and other play places is natural for children and in this book youngsters will find directions on how to make over fifty different kinds of structures to play in. The author categorizes the projects by how hard they are to create so that children will know at a glance if the project they want to try is too hard or easy for them. The projects are divided into six sections. There are “Houses and Living Spaces,” “Favorite Buildings and Structures,” “Animal Homes and Habitats,” “All kinds of things that go,” “Shops and Stands,” and “Mini Theatres and places to Perform.”
  With plenty of friendly encouragement and advice the author helps adults understand how to support and at the same time stand back when their children are building the house or car of their choice.
  From an easy basic cardboard house to a more complicated and very lifelike looking anthill, children will find all kinds of structures to build for themselves. In addition to the directions and the illustrations the author provides her readers with ideas on how to play in their creation, information about the real life versions of what they have built, and a list of books to read. She also makes suggestions on how they might improvise to make their creations truly their own
  With this book in hand cardboard, paints, tape, foil and other basic art supplies will quickly be transformed into a whole world of structures and vehicles to play in, providing children with hours of fun and entertainment.


Creating Clever Castles and Cars


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