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Little Rabbit Lost
Harry Horse
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Peachtree, 2002, 1-56145-273-4
  When do we stop being little and become big? That is a hard question, and sometimes we think we know the answer before we actually do. Little rabbit was celebrating his birthday and one of his presents was tickets to Rabbit World, a wonderful amusement park. The only problem was that his mother kept telling him he was too little to go on all the most interesting rides. It was just too annoying for a big rabbit like himself to be treated like a baby, he thought. So he paid little attention to where his mama was until he found that he had lost her.
  Suddenly Little Rabbit felt little again and afraid. With simple language that every little person will understand and can identify with, the author tells the familiar story of a lost child. He also reminds us not too be in too much of a hurry to be a “big rabbit.” Harry Horse’ illustrations delight the eye with their detail and several double page spreads could keep the reader occupied for some time, exploring his fascinating rabbit world. A gem of a book, readers might also enjoy the author’s other books which include “The Last Polar Bears” and “The Last Gold Diggers.”


Little Rabbit Lost


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