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Katie Morag and the Riddles
Mairi Hedderwick
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 6 to 8
Random House UK, 2001, 0-09-941418-X
  Things are not going well for Katie Morag. For the second day in a row she is having to help the little children thread beads at school. It is so unfair! Why can’t she help the Boy Cousins and Agnes work on their project instead. Katie is so fed up indeed that the next morning she tells her parents that her tummy hurts too much for her to go to school.
  At first Katie enjoys lying in bed and not having to go to school but then she gets bored. She tries on some of her mother’s clothes and her mother’s necklace. Then, to her horror, Katie breaks the necklace and the beads are all over the place.
  Things go from bad to worse for now Katie is worried that her mother will find out about the necklace. Katie is in a bad mood and soon her bad mood spreads. In fact it spreads so much that the Teacher decides to give the children riddles to solve hoping that working together will improve the children’s temper.
  Poor Katie gets stuck having to solve the riddles on her own and she cannot figure them out at all. Perhaps Grannie Island will be able to help her.
  This is not only a charming story about a little girl’s woes but it is also a fascinating portrait of life on a small Scottish Island. Readers will meet some of the people who live on the island and will come to see how special it can be to live in a small and tight-knit community where the people help each other out in times of trouble. Children will enjoy looking at the detailed illustrations and trying to figure out Katie’s riddles for themselves.
  This is one of the titles in the Katie Morag Series.


Katie Morag and the Riddles


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