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Little Red Train: Adventure Playset
Benedict Blathwayt
Novelty Book (Series)
Age 4 to 7
Random House UK, 2005, 0-0917-9842-6
  Duffy, who is the Little Red Train's driver, is off on a wonderful trip. The Little Red Train and Duffy are going on a tour of Europe. They are going to visit France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland and the tour promises to be very interesting and exciting. Of course Duffy is going to take his useful brown leather satchel with him. He keeps all kinds of handy things in the bag and he will need it on the trip.
  Duffy makes all the necessary preparations, he picks up his passengers, and then they are off heading for the tunnel that will take them to France.
  As the Little Red Train and Duffy chuff and "clicketty clack" their way around Europe Duffy makes good use of the things that he keeps in his satchel. Among other things there are extra tickets, a map of the tour, a clock, and a timetable. Duffy also gets some postcards to send to his friends back in England.
  Children will love making this journey with Duffy and his little train, dipping into the satchel five times during the trip to finds all kinds of treasures and keepsakes. There is even a peaked cap that they can wear and at the end of the journey they can write their name on a certificate which certifies that they have "assisted the Little Red Train on a Grand tour of Europe."
  Wonderfully detailed illustrations show all the places that Duffy and the Little Red Train visit on their trip. The illustrations include a fascinating and engaging cross-section view of the train going under the English Channel, and children will enjoy seeing how stickers are added to the satchel as the train journeys through the countryside and cities of Europe.
  This book would make a wonderful tool for children who like making their own imaginary journeys on trains.

Little Red Train Adventure Playset


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