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So you want to be an explorer?
Judith St. George
Illustrated by David Small
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Penguin, 2005, 0-399-23868-9
  If you think that you have what it takes to be an explorer you might want to consider looking at the lives and achievements of explorers who have gone before you. It takes a special kind of person to be a successful explorer. One thing you will need to have is curiosity and you will need to be able to accept new and often bizarre things. Like Thor Heyerdahl you may find it helps if you have a quest, a goal to work towards and you will definitely need to be stubborn and determined, just as Ferdinand Magellan was as he fought his way through the rough storm torn seas of the strait that took his name.
  This is no doubt that you will have to be willing to take great risks, for after all Barbara Washburn would never have left her desk job to go mountain climbing if she hadn’t been willing to take a great risk.
  With a delightfully chatty and personal style of writing, Judith St. George manages to make each and every one of her readers feel as if she is talking just to them. With humor, sensitivity, and plenty of interesting facts and figures, she shows her readers that explorers had to have special qualities and had to be able to rise to new, often very difficult, challenges.
  David Small’s delightful caricature style artwork perfectly compliments the text bringing the explorers to life and giving the book a unique tone


So you want to be an Explorer


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