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The Great Big Little Red Train
Benedict Blathwayt
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 6
Random House UK, 2003, 0-009-45597-8
  Duffy, the train driver, and Jack the train guard are beginning to wonder if their dear Little Red Train is not a museum piece. After all in these days lorries are the ones that transport goods from place to place. The idea of the Little Red Train spending the rest of its days in a museum, or worse, in a scrap heap, is too dreadful to contemplate.
  Then three very worried men arrive. One comes from a furniture showroom, one from a cement works, and one from a sawmill. They all have a common problem; their goods have not arrived because the lorries are all stuck in terrible traffic jams. Can the Little Red Train help them?
  Jack and Duffy are determined to try and soon the Little Red Train is off on its rescue mission. As it chugs down the tracks we can see that the lorries, and indeed every vehicle on the roads, are stuck bumper to bumper in traffic jams of the worst sort. The Little Red Train just has to find a way to help the three men.
  Cunning and beautifully detailed illustrations give the reader much to look at as the story unfolds. Benedict Blathwayt’s story of a little train who overcomes get difficulties to help others, and who in the processes proves that old trains do have a place in a modern world is timeless and a treasure for train buffs of all ages.
  This is one of the “Adventures of the Little Red Train” books.


The Great Big Little Red Tarin


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