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Mozart Finds a Melody
Stephen Costanza
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 6
Henry Holt, 2004, 0-8050-6627-6
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is in a unique position, for him - he cannot come up with a single tune and he is supposed to be performing a new piano concerto in just a few days. Poor Mozart tries all sorts of things to encourage his muse to produce something that he can use. Then Mozart gets help from a most unexpected quarter - his little pet starling Miss Bimms sings a song and inspiration strikes.
  All is going well when Miss Bimms escapes out of the window. Now Mozart is truly in a mess and he runs out into the streets of Vienna in pursuit of his precious bird. As he looks for the bird Mozart discovers that the streets and shops of his city are full of music and before he quite knows what is what he is finding the pieces for his concerto in the most unlikely places. Best of all Mozart is able to find his musical pet once again in the most spectacular way.
  This beautiful picture book captures the magic of creating music and of finding music in the world around one. It also brings to life the delight that can exist when two 'people' share the joy of creating music together. Stephen Costanza's soft and detailed art delightfully portrays the beauty of Vienna and of the concert hall experience.

Mozart Finds a Melody


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