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The Callahan Cousins: Home Sweet Home
Elizabeth Doyle Carey
Fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 12
Little Brown, 2005, 0-316-73692-9
  Neeve, Hillary, Kate, and Phoebe are thrilled because their grandmother – whom they all call Gee - has decided to let the girls move into the Dorm, a little house separate from the main house. They will be able to spend the rest of their summer holiday here and they have also been given permission to redecorate the Dorm as they wish.
  It is while they are looking through their Grandmother’s attic that Neeve finds something which is very troubling to her. She finds a photograph of her father and the women he is standing next to is not Neeve’s mother. Who is this woman and does Neeve’s father have another family somewhere?
  It is hard for Neeve to give her full attention to the redecorating project and often tempers flare as she bickers with Kate. The other two cousins try to smooth the waters and keep the peace but this is not easy to do. To make matters worse Sloan Bicket, the Callahan cousin’s public enemy number one, has invited the cousins to a sleep-over. What can it all mean and what is Sloan up to?
  This second book in the Callahan Cousins series continues the story of a very special summer holiday during which the four girls, who all have very different backgrounds, make important discoveries about themselves and their family. They come to appreciate how special and precious their friendship is.


The Callahan Cousins 2


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