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Slinky Malinki
Lynley Dodd
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Tricycle Press, 1990, 1-58246-148-1
  Slinky Malinki is a handsome black cat who has a funny kink “at the end of his very long tail.” During the day he is a perfectly charming fellow, playing with leaves and lying in the sun, but as night falls Slinky Malinki turns into another kind of cat altogether - Slinky becomes a thief and nothing is safe from his clever paws.
  One night Slinky really goes to town, stealing an enormous collection of things from all over the place. Slinky brings home a red balloon on a string, a slipper, an old pair of jeans, a teddy bear, and so much more. In fact he brings home so much that soon the front step of his house is a jumble of objects. As Slinky piles things up he knocks over a bottle of clue, gets caught up in the yarn from an unravelled sweater, knocks over bottles, and generally speaking he makes the most dreadful mess and an enormous row. What on earth is his family going to think when they see what Slinky has been up to?
  Lynley Dodd wonderfully captures the dual personality of her mischievous feline. Children will love to hear about all the unlikely objects that Slinky brings home. The bouncy rhyming text creates an air of excitement which we know in our hearts has to come to some sort of unexpected end.
  Lynley Dodd has also written several highly successful books about a dog character called Hairy Maclary.

Slinky Malinki


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