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Katie’s Picture Show
James Mayhew
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 7
Orchard Books (UK), 2004, 1-84362-397-8
  One day Katie and her Grandmother go to London to spend the day. When it begins to rain they decide to take refuge in an art gallery. Grandma is feeling rather tired so she decides to take a rest and suggests that Katie take a look around the gallery. Not liking crowds Katie goes off and finds a room which is empty. The walls are covered with paintings and it is hard to know which one to look at first.
  Katie begins by looking at a painting by John Constable. Above the painting there is a sign saying “Please do not touch.” Katie cannot help herself and she touches the painting. The only thing is that she finds that the painting is not a picture at all and in a moment Katie climbs into the painting.
  Katie has a wonderful time inside the painting though she has to leave rather suddenly when a man discovers that she has eaten his apple pie. Katie sets off to look for another painting to visit.
  In all Katie visits five paintings and, of course, she causes a little bit of a stir in each one. Indeed, in the last painting she gets into such a fix that she needs to be rescued.
  As they read this book young readers will discover that art galleries can be interesting places to visit. It might not be possible to actually climb into a painting, but there will be lots of different kinds of paintings to look at and each painting tells a story.
  With wonderfully expressive illustrations and reproductions of the five paintings which Katie visits, this is a picture book which children will come back to again and again. At the back of the book the author tells and shows his readers how he creates his own paintings.

Katie's Picture Show


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