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Katie and the dinosaurs
James Mayhew
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 7
Orchard Books (UK), 2004 1-84362-396-X
  Katie and her grandmother are at the natural history museum. Katie loves looking at the dinosaurs though her grandmother thinks that they are “just a load of old bones.” Grandma then decides that she is going to sit down and have a little rest so Katie goes off to explore, and as she looks at all the different kinds of dinosaurs she tries to imagine what the creatures would have looked like when they were alive.
  During her explorations Katie manages to get lost. She goes down a long corridor and through a door marked “Absolutely No Admittance Whatever.” On the other side of this door Katie discovers the most extraordinary thing; a world full of real live dinosaurs.
 Katie meets a little hadrosaurus who is, like Katie, rather lost. Feeling sorry for the little hadrosaurus, Katie offers to help it get back home. Katie and her new friend then have a series of adventures until they finally find the hadrosaurus family. The adventure is not over however for Tyrannosaurus Rex arrives on the scene and he is feeling decidedly hungry!
  Young dinosaur fans will love this delightful adventure and will certainly wish that they too could go through a door and into a world full of stegasours, hadrosaurs, pterosaurs and other dinosaur creatures. Readers will see what the world might have looked like in those long ago times and at the back of the book they will find further information about dinosaurs and how to pronounce their long names. 


Katie and the dinosaurs


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