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Scuttle’s Big Wish
Sean and Ryan Delonas
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 7
HarperCollins, 2006,
  Though Scuttle loves his home, his bed, and his best friend Tweet, there is one thing that he loves more – cheese. And Scuttle will take all kinds of risks to get cheese too, including moving around in a world where Pounce the cat prowls.
  One day Scuttle hears a call of distress. A golden beetle is trapped in a spider’s web and since Scuttle is a good hearted fellow, he sets out and frees the beetle. To thank Scuttle for his bravery the beetle says that he will grant Scuttle any wish he wants. Without too much thought Scuttle wishes that everything he touches would turn into cheese. He then forgets about the whole business but in the morning he finds that his wish has indeed been granted.
  Scuttle’s bed, the floor, human shoes, the whole world it seems, turns into cheese and Scuttle eats and eats and eats until he is enormous. When Pounce catches the fat mouse he too is turned into cheese and when Tweet flies down to say hello…well you can imagine what happens. It is all too dreadful for words and poor Scuttle has no idea what he is going to do.
  In this laugh-out-loud funny picture book children will love to meet Scuttle, a mouse who discovers that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This version of the King Midas story is funny, tender, and a perfect read complete with lots of loud voices and beautiful expressive artwork.
  The story was first created by Ryan Delonas when he was just six years old.


Scuttle's big wish


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