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Babar’s Battle
Laurent de Brunhoff
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 5 to 8
Abrams, 2002,
  When Rataxas the rhinoceros invites Babar and Celeste to dinner, the elephants are very surprised. Celeste is also wary for though Rataxas has not caused any problems recently, he has certainly given the elephants a lot of grief in the past. Celeste has good reason to be suspicious for Rataxas does indeed have plans to kidnap Babar. The evening goes so well however that Rataxas quite forgets to go through with the attack.
  Rataxas’ co-conspirator, the rhino witch Macidexia, is furious. She tells Rataxas what he should do next to make the elephants suffer. This time the plan is to empty the lake at Celesteville, and this time the plan goes through without a hitch. Soon the elephants no longer have water coming out of their taps and hoses, and seeing their beautiful lake drained and muddy makes everyone miserable. It is not long before Babar finds out who is behind this new disaster and when he confronts Rataxas, the rhino declares war.
  In this engaging picture book, Babar, that most beloved of royal elephants, shows his people and his enemies that he is not only kind, but he is also very clever. In his turn Rataxas come to see that he would be a lot better off if he did his own thinking instead of listening to the angry and spiteful words of someone else. Once again Babar is able to bring peace to the land of elephants and keep his people safe and happy.

Babar's Battle


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