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It’s Fall!
Linda Glaser
Cut-paper illustrations by Susan Swan
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 7
Millbrook Press, 2001, 0-7613-1758-9
  Fall has arrived and a young boy is having a wonderful time playing in the leaves. As he lies in a great big pile of the red, gold, brown, and yellow leaves he sees migrating geese and a group of monarch butterflies flying overhead. They are heading south, for the cold weather is coming. All around him the boy sees signs of animals of all kinds getting ready for the cold months ahead. The plants too are changing. Flowers are drying out and seeds of all kinds are popping out of their cases to float off on the breeze.
 As he wraps himself up in a warm jacket the boy notices that the days are getting shorter. Soon there will be fall treasures to collect such as pinecones, colorful leaves, and acorns. Soon, he will have to choose a pumpkin to carve
  The lyrical text in this very special book perfectly captures the wonderful changes that take place in nature every fall. The author has an obvious appreciation for nature, understanding its rhythms and savoring all the beautiful things that she sees around her. Paired with Susan Swan’s extraordinary cut-paper art, this is a book which will give young readers a delightful picture of fall days.


It's Fall


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