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Thomas K. Adamson
Ages 6 to 8
Capstone Press, 2005, 0-7368-5248-4
  Many of us had never heard of a tsunami until the day after Christmas in 2004 when twelve countries all around the Indian Ocean were hit by a series of these huge waves. Brought about by an underwater earthquake the tsunamis caused widespread destruction and at least 300,000 people are missing or dead.
 The word “tsunami” is Japanese for “harbour wave” and five or six of these huge ways hit coastlines every year. Usually an underwater earthquake with its associated earth movements cause these tsunamis though landslides, volcanoes, and rarely meteorites can also bring about the formation of these enormous and terrifying waves.
  Moving with terrifying speeds of up to 600 miles an hour and forming waves of 100 feet high, or more, the power of tsunamis is so strong that they can literally wipe out a coastal community.
  This simply written, highly accessible little book takes the mystery out of this frightful natural phenomenon. Young children will be able to understand what Tsunamis are, how they happen, how we detect them, and what happens after a tsunami has struck. Full page color photographs, diagrams and maps compliment the text. At the back of the book readers will find a glossary, a “Read More” section, and an index.




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