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The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun: The Write-It, Draw-It, Sculpt-It, Act-It Game-in-a-Book-in-a-Game
Illustrations by Baseman
Activity Book/Kit
Ages 7 and up
Little Brown, 2005, 0-346-01193-2
  Creative Cat, Word Worm, Data Head, and Star Performer invite to join them for a unique journey into their amusing, entertaining, educational, and decidedly wacky Cranium world. In addition to the all the activities that these four characters have to offer there is also a pull out board game to enjoy called the Mini Conga Guessing Game, a Super Sign-In Book to share with your best friends, and all the tools that you will need to make the most of this one-of-a-kind kit.
  Explorers can either dip into the activity book at random or they can work through it from start to finish. Four tabs separate the activities into those that are ‘hosted’ by each of the four Cranium characters. If you are in the mood for some word puzzlers you can lift the Word Worm tab and off you go on a word adventure. If you prefer something more active and like to be a “star” then you can turn to the section hosted by Star Performer. Whatever your mood, you will find something within these pages to engage your interest. Best of all, you can complete the activities and then start all over again, writing in different answers, drawing different scenes, and telling different stories each time.
  The kit includes 100 game cards, a spinner, a purple sand timer, four mover pieces, an erasable marker, and a tub of Cranium Clay. It is therefore the perfect kit to take on a long journey, to share with friends, and to dip into on a rainy day. Parents will be delighted to see how much their children learn as they play the games and complete the activities in this very special kit.


The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous fun


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