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Abigail Adams - First Lady of the United States
Abraham Lincoln - American President
Albert Einstein - A Peace Loving Genius

Alexander Graham Bell - A Great Inventor

Alexander Hamilton - A Controversial Politician
Amelia Earhart - Lady of the Skies

Andrew Carnegie - Industry millionaire and philanthropist

Andy Warhol - Pop Artist

Anne Frank - Young Writer
Annie Oakley - Sharpshooter Extraordinaire
Babe Ruth - Baseball Hero

Beatrix Potter - Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

Benedict Arnold - Soldier, patriot, and traitor
Benjamin Franklin - Inventor, Patriot, and Politician
Bessie Coleman - Famous Aviatrix

Betsy Ross - American Patriot

Booker T. Washington - African-American Educator

Carrie Chapman Catt - Suffragist Leader
Catherine of Aragon - Princess of Spain and Queen of England

Cesar Chavez - Labor Leader
Charles Darwin - Naturalist and Author

Charles Dickens - Author

Christopher Columbus - Explorer
Clara Barton - Civil War Nurse and Red Cross Worker
Claude Monet - Impressionist Painter

Coretta Scott King - Civil rights leader

Daniel Boone - Explorer and Adventurer

Dolley Madison - Courageous First Lady

Dr. Suess - Children’s Book Author and Illustrator

Duke Ellington - Musician and Composer
Edgar Degas - Impressionist Painter
Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady

Eli Whitney - Inventor

Emily Dickinson - Grand American Poet
Ernest Shackleton - A Polar Explorer

Ferdinand Magellan - Famous Explorer
Florence Nightingale - Nurse and Activist
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - American President

Frank Lloyd Writer - An architect with a vision

Frederick Douglass - A runaway slave and abolitionist leader

Galileo Galilei - Scientist and Astronomer

George Eastman - Inventor
George Frederic Handel - Musician and Composer

Georges Suerat - Impressionist Painter

George Washington Carver - Talented scientist and botanist
George Washington - General and President

Georgia O’Keeffe - A painter with a vision

Hank Aaron - Baseball Hero

Hans Christian Andersen - A Spinner of Tales

Harriet Tubman - Underground railroad conductor

Harry Houdini - The Great Illusionist

Helen Keller - Writer and Public Speaker
Henri Matisse - French Painter

Henri Rousseau - French Painter

Henry David Thoreau - Writer and Philosopher

Henry Ford - Inventor and innovator

Ida B. Wells - Civil Rights Leader

Isaac Newton - Great Thinker and Philosopher

Jackie Robinson - The baseball player who broke the color barrier

Jeannette Rankin - First woman in Congress

Jesse James - Famous Outlaw

Johann Gutenberg - Inventor

John Quincy Adams - Revolutionary and leader
John F. Kennedy - American President

John Glenn - Space Explorer

John Hancock - American Patriot
John Harrison - Winner of the Longitude Prize

John James Audubon - The Man who Painted Birds
Johnny Appleseed - American Folk Hero

Jonas Salk - Doctor and Researcher

Langston Hughes- African American Poet
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Pioneer and Writer
Leonardo da Vinci - Artist, Inventor and Enlightened Thinker

Louis Armstrong - Musician and Performer

Lucy Maude Montgomery - Writer
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Musician and Composer

Madam C. J. Walker - Businesswom

Marc Chagall - A painter with a vision

Marco Polo - World traveler and explorer

Marian Anderson - African American Singer

Maria Mitchell - First woman astronomer in America
Marie Antoinette - The Last Queen of France

Marie Curie - Women Scientist

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) - Writer and lecturer
Martin Luther King Jr. - Civil Rights Activist and Leader

Mary Cassatt - Impressionist Painter
Mary Queen of Scots - Queen and Exile

Matthew Henson - Polar Explorer

Michelangelo - Artist and Sculptor
Napoleon Bonaparte - General and Emperor
Nellie Bly - Journalist and World Traveler

Norman Rockwell- American Painter
Pablo Picasso - Painter and Artist

Patrick Henry - American Patriot

Paul Cezanne - Painter and Artist

Paul Gauguin - Painter and Artist
Paul Revere - American Patriot

Phillis Wheatley - Slave poet

Pierre Auguste Renoir - Artist
Queen Elizabeth I of England

Queen Victoria

Rembrandt van Rijn - Artist

Roald Dahl - Children’s Book Writer

Robert Scott - Polar Explorer

Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Leader

Samuel Adams - Revolutionary War Leader

Satchel Paige - An extraordinary baseball player
Seabiscuit - A Horse of Great Courage

Sir Francis Drake - Explorer, Pirate, and Courtier

Sir Walter Raleigh - Courtier and Adventurer

Sojourner Truth - A runaway slave with a powerful voice
Susan B. Anthony - A voice for Women's Rights
The Wright Brothers - Pioneers of the Sky
Theodore Roosevelt - American President
Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor
Thomas Jefferson - American President

Victoria Woodhull - First Woman Presidential Candidate
Vincent Van Gogh - Artist

Walt Whitman - American Poet
William Shakespeare - Playwright
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Musician and Composer



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