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Legends of the West: Billy the Kid
Nick Healy
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 12 and up
The Creative Company, 2006, 1-58341-335-9
  As is to often the case with the histories of the heroes and villains of the wild west, the real story of Billy the Kid – whose real name was Henry McCarty - is not easy to put together for much of what was said about him was more fiction than fact. We know that Henry’s mother was an Irish immigrant who went west to find a new life in New Mexico. Unfortunately for Henry and his brother, their mother died when Henry was a young teenager and both boys ended up being moved from home to home. Henry made friends with a group of trouble-making boys and before he was quite sixteen he was sent to prison for the first time. The prison walls did not hold the wily boy for long for Henry climbed up the prison chimney and went on the run.
  Just two years later Henry, also known as “the kid,” killed his first man in Arizona and had to flee once more, returning to New Mexico as a young man with the skills he would need for the life ahead of him. Afraid of the law he took the name William which was shortened to Billy and since he was still so young, he was given the name Billy the Kid.
  Billy became one of the many men who was involved in what would be called the Lincoln County War. This event was a violent and bloody clash between two gangs and Billy’s side lost. Because he had been involved in several killings, Billy was a wanted man once more. This situation was certainly bad but it got a lot worse in the months and years to come.
  In this fascinating account of the life of Billy the Kid, Nick Healy carefully pieces together the story of this mystery man who captured the attention of the nation. He shows us how many of the myths came into being and gives us also a sense of what life in New Mexico and Arizona was like in the late 1880’s. The well written and engaging text is perfectly complimented by many excellent photographs and illustrations, and readers will find a timeline at the bottom of each double page spread.


Billy the Kid


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