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Big Book of Clues From A to Z
Wendy Wax
Illustrated by David Brooks
Board/Lift-a-flap book
Ages 3 to 6
Innovative Kids, 2004, 1-58476-218-7
  Let’s go looking for some alphabet and word clues. On each double page spread of this bright over-sized board book readers will find three or four lift-the flap boxes. On the outside of the flap is a clue to help the reader find and identify one of the items shown on the pages. If you open the flap the answer is shown beneath. In addition, on the inside of the flap, the author also gives the reader three additional items to find on the page.
  Each flap represents a letter of the alphabet. So, on the D, E, F, and G pages readers will find a box labeled “F”. They will read the clue - “It has wheels and it is red” - and then they have to find the item on the page that fits the clue. Inside the flap they will see that the item they are seeking is a fire truck. They are also asked to see if they can find a frog, a fish, and a fan on the pages.
  Young children will have a wonderful time looking for the answers to these clues. Parents and teachers can further extend the scope of the book by asking their children to name each of the items on the pages. With twenty or so illustrations shown on every page, this will give children plenty to do. At the back of the book the author includes the entire alphabet with accompanying pictures of each of the lift-the-flap box answers.
  With its large format, amusing illustrations, and sturdy board pages and flaps, this is a book which young children will enjoy again and again.


Big Book of Clues from A to Z


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