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Big Bear Little Bear
David Bedford
Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Board Book
Ages Infant to 4
Tiger Tales, 2005, 1-58925-770-7
 One day Little Bear’s mother says that she notices that her cub is starting to get big. Like all children Little Bear is eager to become as big and as fast as his mother is. His mother however knows all too well that this is a very special time for them both and though she shows her little one what it might feel like to be as big, as fast, and as good a swimmer as she is, she also tells him that she thinks he is “perfect just the way you are.” There is no need to be in a hurry to grow up. After all, there are so many pleasures which they can share only now while Little Bear is little.
  Soft fuzzy texturing, snow-filled artwork, and a simple and lovingly told story make this a perfect book for reading at bedtime. Jane Chapman gives these polar bears the same wonderful personalities that have made her Bear books so beloved by children and their families.


Big Bear Little bear


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