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Barrington Bear on Safari

Keith Szafranski

Picture Book (Series)

Ages 5 to 7

Small Bear Publishing, 2008, 978-0-9801662-1-7

  Barrington Bear is off on safari. He arrives in the airport in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is met by Sokwe, a chimpanzee toy who is going to be Barrington’s guide. Barrington asks Soke to teach him some Swahili, one of the languages that is spoken in Kenya. Sokwe is happy to teach Barrington some of his language and he tells Barrington that the Swahili word for hello is Jambo.

  The first place that Sokwe takes Barrington is to Nairobi National Park. The park is on the outskirts of the city, and Barrington is delighted to see Zebras so near to towering high rises. Barrington also gets to see rhinos and giraffes in the park before it is time for the bear to go to his hotel.

  The next day Sokwe takes the visitor from America to Masai Mara Reserve. Barrington is able to see and photograph lots of wonderful animals, and he even talks to a few of them.

  As they join Barrington Bear on his Kenyan safari, young readers will find themselves learning a great deal about the animals that Barrington meets. They will come to appreciate the beauty of the lions, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, and elephants, and they will also learn a little about the Kenyan language and culture.

  Through his loveable and inquisitive bear and using his splendid photographs, Keith Szafranski tells a splendid story that young animal lovers will greatly enjoy. At the back of the book readers will find a Swahili dictionary, a photographic “can you guess who I am” puzzler, a map, and more.


Barrington Bear on Safari


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