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Barrington Bear Visits the Emperor

Keith Szafranski

Picture Book (Series)

Ages 5 to 7

Small Bear Publishing, 2007, 978-0-9801662-0-0

  Barrington Bear lives in the woods in Montana. It is fall and he has decided to go on a trip. He is not going to someplace warm though. Instead Barrington is going to travel to Antarctica. There he hopes to meet and to get to know some emperors – Emperor penguins that is.

  Barrington’s journey is a long one. He has to take a plane to get to Argentina. Then he has to travel on an icebreaker ship. This chilly trip is followed by a sojourn in a helicopter. At long last Barrington is on the ice. He still has to find the penguins though, and after a walk across the frozen terrain he finally finds the colony. And what a huge colony it is. There are elegant adult birds, and small fluffy chicks “as far as he can see.” Now Barrington gets on with the job of finding out all he can about these interesting birds. And he takes lots of photos of them too.

  In this Barrington Bear debut, the bear who loves to travel gives young readers a picture of Emperor penguin life. Not only is the book packed with facts, but Barrington’s antics, and the pictures that he takes are often deliciously funny. Penguin fans will enjoy hearing Barrington’s comments about the things he learns.

  With an easy-to-follow narrative and wonderful photographs throughout, this is a picture book that will be pulled off the shelf again and again. Readers will be delighted to learn that Barrington will soon be back, and this time he is going on safari. Don’t forget to visit Barrington online at



Barrington Bear visits the emperor


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