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Babar and the Succotash Bird
Laurent de Brunhoff
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 4 to 7
Abrams, 2000, 0-8109-5700-0
 One night Alexander the little elephant gets up from his bed to look out the window. He sees a bright light in the sky and soon realizes that the light is not the moon but a bird, a large shining and brightly colored bird. The bird tells Alexander that it is a wizard and then it shows the little elephant some of its magic. Of course when Alexander tells his brother and sister what happened, they tell him that the bird was just a dream.
  The next day, when he and his family are out on a hike, Alexander encounters the wizard bird again, only this time it is not colorful. Alexander wants to play with the bird and this time the bird uses its magic to make Alexander very big, and then very small. Poor little Alexander is soon lost and his parents have no idea what has happened to him. Will they be able to find their son and when they do how will they get Alexander to his proper size once more?
  In this engaging picture book one of Babar’s children has his very own adventure and in the process he learns that the world is full of both good things, and bad ones.

Babar and the Succotash Bird


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