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Auntie Claus and the Key to Christmas
Elise Primavera
Picture Book
Ages 3 and up
Harcourt, 2002, 0-15-202441-7
  Chris Kringle has developed an alarming new idea in his head; he is beginning to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. In his family, which is crazy about Christmas, this is a disaster of enormous proportions. Everyone is shocked, appalled and worried. What is to be done to dispel Chris's doubts? Even Great Auntie Claus steps in to explain things to her wayward great nephew. Great Auntie explains how little children who doubt the reality of Santa Claus grow up to be very disagreeable grown-ups.
  Unfortunately this does nothing to encourage Chris to change his mind. Instead he sets about trying to prove the matter for himself, and in the most unfortunate way too. In the end it is Chris's sister Sophie who sets Chris straight by sending him on a long journey to an incredible place. At last Chris is able to see for himself that Santa Claus really does exist.
  Once again Auntie Claus performs a wonderful piece of magic to help a little child re-discover the joys of, and the key to Christmas. There is no doubt indeed that Auntie Claus is a most delightful character who will delight lovers of Christmas for years to come.

Auntie Claus and the key to Christmas


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