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Anna Aphid
Christine Goppel
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
North-South Books, 2005, 0-7358-2007-4
  Anna the aphid lives on a leaf with her family. Though she looks like all the other aphids Anna is unlike her relatives because she wonders about the world which she is sure lies somewhere beyond her own leaf home. So Anna sets off to see what she can find. At first all she finds are more leaves but then she discovers that a great open space exists beyond the leaves. Being a curious and brave little insect Anna flies out “over the edge” and out into the enormous universe.
  Out in the universe Anna encounters all kinds of strange and wonderful places. There is a burning hot sun, a mostly barren moon, soaring comets which catapult her out into space at a great speed, a terrifying black hole, and more. After many adventures Anna is all too glad to return to her home planet where she can tell her family and friends all about the wonders that she has seen.
  This picture book is a wonderful tribute to all those brave souls who dare to ask questions and who also dare to make frightening journeys out into the unknown. Readers will have a wonderful time trying to guess where Anna is. It is only when they get to the last page that they get to see that Anna’s “universe” is not what one might expect though astute readers may have been able to piece together some of the clues well before the last page is reached. Vivid illustrations bring Anna and her odd little world to life.


Anna Aphid


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