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Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day
Jean Van Leeuwen
Pictures by Ann Schweninger
Ages 4 to 7
Penguin, 2005, 0-8037-2887-5
  It is a very hot day and Amanda Pig is feeling the heat. Every part of her is hot and nothing seems to help. A glass of cold water does not help, nor does a popsicle. Amanda feels hot and just like her father’s plants in the garden, she feels “droopy.” Then her Father gets a wonderful idea, he gives Amanda and the plants a watering and Amanda feels a lot better.  
  Later Amanda sees Oliver and his friends building a fort in Oliver’s back yard. She is very annoyed when they tell her that she is not allowed to help them. So she invites Lollipop to come over and the two little girl pigs sit in the shade of a big tree and drink cool lemonade. It isn’t long before Oliver and his friends come over feeling hot and thirsty. They want to sit in the shade and have a drink too but now it is Amanda’s turn to say no. Will some compromise be reached?
  These are just two of the four entertaining stories in this hot summer day collection. Young readers who are ready for books with chapters and dialogue will find Amanda Pig’s adventures amusing and enjoyable to read. This is just one of a series of books about Amanda and Oliver Pig.

Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day


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