Abigail Adams - First Lady of the United States

A is for Abigail

A is for Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women
Lynne Cheney
Illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 8 to 10
Simon and Schuster, 2003, 0-689-85819-1

Servant to Abigail Adams

Servant to Abigail Adams: The early American Adventures of Hannah Cooper
Kate Connell
Fiction and Non-fiction (Series)
Ages 8 to 12
National Geographic, 2003, 0-7922-5828-2

Remember the Ladies a story

Remember the Ladies: A Story about Abigail Adams
Jeri Chase Ferris
Illustrations by Ellen Beier
Non-Fiction Biography (Series)
Ages 8 to 11
Lerner, 2001, 1-57505-292-X

Abigail Adams First Lady of the American Revolution

Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American Revolution
Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by Bob Dacey and Debra Bandelin
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 6 to 8
Simon and Schuster, 2006, 0-689-87032-9

Abigail Adams Courageous Patriot and First Lady

Abigail Adams: Courageous Patriot and First Lady

Barbara A. Somerville

Non-Fiction (Series)

For ages 10 and up

Compass Point Books, 2006, 0-7565-0981-5



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