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A Turkey for Thanksgiving
Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Diane de Groat
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Clarion, 1991, 0-395-74212-9
  It is Thanksgiving morning and Mr. and Mrs. Moose are getting things ready for their Thanksgiving feast. When Mrs. Moose mentions how nice it would be to have a turkey for Thanksgiving, her loving husband sets off to find one. Mr. Moose is soon joined by his friends Rabbit, Mr. and Mrs. Goat, and Sheep. All of Mr. Moose’s friends are eager to help, and they are also eager for the party to begin. They know that they cannot begin the Thanksgiving dinner until Mr. Moose finds a turkey.
  The animals soon arrive at the riverbank and there they find a very nervous Turkey. The poor bird is not at all keen to join Moose as he is sure that he is will soon be the main course at Moose’s Thanksgiving feast. Luckily for Turkey Mr. and Mrs. Moose have something else in mind.
  This is a delightfully funny picture book which puts a new and amusing twist on the Thanksgiving Turkey dilemma. Children will be delighted to discover that at least in this story, the turkey gets to sit at the table instead of being placed on it.

A turkey for Thanksgiving


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