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A Style all Her Own
Laurie Friedman
Illustrations by Sharon Watts
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Lerner, 2005, 1-57505-599-6
  Isabelle Ashley Parker McBride is in a class of her own when it comes to fashion style. Isabelle is the kind of girl who dresses for every possible occasion and she does it with her own special flair which is unique, colorful, creative, and charming. She always knows what to where when and she is dressed to the nines when she goes to her aunt Savannah’s house for high tea. She wears a large hat trimmed with feathers; she wears a little dress with pictures of teacups on it; and she carries a little purse which looks like a teapot.
  When everyone has arrived Aunt Savannah tells the young lady guests at the party that her daughter Dora is going to be getting married soon and she would be delighted if all the girls would agree to be flower girls in the wedding ceremony. Isabelle is thrilled at the prospect. At least she is until she sees the dress she is going to have to wear. The dress is pretty enough but it just isn’t an Isabelle kind of dress. What on earth is Isabelle to do?
  Young ladies who love to dress up in their own way will have no difficulty identifying with the fashionable character in this picture book. They will discover that there are times when one has to compromise when it comes to being oneself, when one has to accept being something else for just a little while. Then, when that time is over, one can let rip and be as unique and individual as one wants.
  Whimsical illustrations full of splashes of color give this picture book a bright and cheerful feel and parents who have their own little fashion diva might find it very useful.

A Style all her own


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