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A Seaside Alphabet
Donna Grassby
Illustrated by Susan Took
Non-Fiction Picture Book
All ages
Tundra Books, 2000, All ages, 0-88776-516-5
  Sometimes one misses the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the feel of pebbles under ones feet and for those times, when one is far away and cannot hear the gulls scream, there is this book. "A Seaside Alphabet" takes one to beaches, coasts, islands, and harbors, all the places beloved by those who love the sea and the seaside worlds. Each of Susan Tooke's illustrated pages represents a letter of the alphabet, full of color and life. The text beneath describes what the reader sees in singing alliterative prose. In the back of the book the author, Donna Grassby, provides further information about the scenes on the alphabet pages and she also invites the reader to find things on each page. Look for the lemonade on the L page, the footprints on the F page, and the umbrella on the U page.
  Beautifully presented and full of information this is a book which will delight lovers of the sea of all ages.

A seaside alphabet


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