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A Day at the Beach
Ed Briant
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 5
HarperCollins, 2006, 0-06-079981-1
  Dad is taking Baxter and Alice to the beach today. Soon the two little panda cubs are on the beach having a wonderful time playing in the water and watching the fish through their goggles. Dad is awfully patient, for the cubs keep thinking of things they wish they had with them. Back and forth Dad drives getting the cubs their swimming suits, their goggles, and their camera. Then Dad has a great idea; he loads up his big truck with everything that Baxter and Alice might want – and quite a few things that are not likely to want. Now Dad won’t need to take them on another trip back home to get something. Best of all Dad can not enjoy being at the beach with his children.
  Clay characters were placed on sets and photographed to create the charming illustrations in this book. The effect is quite unique and children may find themselves becoming inspired to create their own three-dimensional pictures. The simple text combined with the artwork captures both the fun to be had at the beach and the special and loving relationship that can exist between a father and his children.


A Day at the beach


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