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A Child’s Seasonal Treasury
Compiled and written by Betty Jones
Non-Fiction and poetry
Ages 3 and up
Tricycle Press, 1996, 1-883672-30-9
  There are times when we are far too busy to fully appreciate the cycle of nature and the changing of the seasons. We forget to celebrate the green leaves and flowers of spring, the sun of summer, the colors of fall, and the stark beauty of winter. In this extensive book children and their grownups will find lots of ways to get back in touch with their environment though verse, song, riddles, games, crafts, and cooking.
 The author begins with an exploration of “All Year Round” and then she goes on to examine each of the seasons in detail. For the section about autumn for example she has found apple and harvest songs to sing, a “Woodchoppers” creative movement activity, a pin the nose on a Jack-o’-lantern activity, a corn husk making activity, candied apple making, and more.
  Grown-ups who find themselves thinking “what should we do now?” will find this book to be invaluable. Throughout the book the author makes suggestions and offers tips on how to make using this book more enjoyable and more fulfilling for everyone involved. Through the songs, poems and activities children will find themselves becoming more connected with the natural world around them and they will do so in a meaningful way. 


A Child's Seasonal Treasury


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